The Time-Traveler

The reason I ride and the way I write

In 2014 I quit my life as a common student/gardener/citizen.

I sold all that I could sell, gave away everything else for free, bought myself the biggest/cheapest Backpack there was and started walking southwards.

Two years later when I reached the Atlantic-Coast in northern Spain that there is no more step back - on the way as in life.

The year after I rode my bike for Budapest to visit some fellow-pilgrims and deliver a promised bottle of liquor from Düsseldorf.

When I returned home for Christmas, I realized backtracking isn't quite the same adventure as entering the unknown frontier.

So now I'm heading straight forward on our terrific (horrific) big globe to get back to where I came from.

A low budget and no plan, just time and improvising skills will hopefully be the best basics to fulfill my quest.

Lots of people I met during my travelers-years asked of me to write them some postcards of interesting places I come to visit.

But most of my time I try to avoid these crowded places, providing postcards. And on those other occasions, when I come close to such shops, I usually run dangerously short on money.

I must confess: when it comes to get something to eat or get some postcards - the food always wins. Sorry guys, have to watch my figure.

So this is my alternative: of my current journey I'll write a postcard-like blog, where each article will be dedicated to one of my relatives or friends, whenever I can.

Alternatives to hiking and biking

Here's what I do when I'm done torturing my body:


Life is like a game:

There are cards dealt, the dices fall and sometimes your board of it all.


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music & art

Music is very simple:

It's not really about nice tunes and melody, it's the composition of daring and ability.


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You can consume so much interesting stuff that makes some moments more enjoyable, than you can do right then.


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